Need some pulses?

I created this little Kontakt library to set up a bunch of different pulses I always need. With a flexible and easy-to-use control to change rhythms and velocitys together with filters, envelopes and FX on a single screen I use this library in many songs. All synthesized sounds are created with Rob Papen's "Blue II". Listen to the demos to get a feel for the sound of this library.

With this library you can make more than just low pulsing patterns. You can tweak the elements in many ways to create melodic or even percussive sounds. With additional textures you can also layer pulses with sounds like kick drums, hihats or white noise. You can find a detailed explanation in this video:

You can download the instrument here. To use it you need the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt, at least version 5.8.1 (I can't guarantee that it is running on earlier versions). All public redistribution of the library or the samples used to create it is prohibited.