Magic Kalimba

Magical sounds under your fingertips...

While looking for new instruments to sample I stumbled upon this Kalimba. I think there is a plethora of sampled Kalimbas out there, but I wanted to do one on my own and work with the recorded samples. This Kalimba is tuned in C major (diatonic), but next to an "original" tuning I also created a chromatic and an extended version, that includes three octaves. For the recording I used an AKG C214.

Because I love to fiddle around with different synths and oscillators, I additionally created a pad-patch out of the original samples. Video coming soon!

You can download the instrument here. To use it you need the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt, at least version 6.7.0 (I can't guarantee that it is running on earlier versions). All public redistribution of the library or the samples used to create it is prohibited.