Sebastian Schell

Composer - Orchestrator - Kontakt Instrument Design

A few words ...

I am a german based composer. With long years of experience in writing music for digital media, I have provided music for films, games, trailers and commercials in cooperation with global companies such as BMW, Gillette or Weight Watchers. My musical background is diverse and covers among a classical education a variety of genres like pop/rock and jazz, while having played in many bands for years.

I work for different bands and musicians and have orchestrated songs for swedish metalband Sabaton. Find one example here.
Next to own productions I arrange songs for the Japan based pianist Salome Scheidegger. Find out more here.

I script and design instruments for Kontakt. You can find free examples here. If you need custom instruments or help with scripting, sample editing or GUI design, get in touch with me. I also can provide professional videos, tutorials and motion graphics for your library. Demos can be found here.

I further provide royalty free stock music for the agencies Pond5, Proud Music Library and Amurco Music. For more information visit my Pond5 Artist Page.